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Deadly Opioid Drugs & Pain Relief

In this video, I’m talking about the huge opioid use epidemic in which Americans are exposed. According to the CDC, prescription drugs for pain caused more than 16,000 deaths annually translating to at least 44 deaths a day. Sadly, the victims are not just drug abusers, but average people who suffer from pain. Painkillers are prescribed commonly for conditions like chronic back pain, arthritis, acute pain, and for pain management after surgical procedures such as shoulder, knee, and hip replacements. Seniors are at the highest risk due to minimal physician monitoring. This makes them very vulnerable to overdose and even death. Often it happens that a person just forgot when they took their last pill or they think that it’s okay to take the pills closer together then suggested because their pain is so intense. Do you want to know more about safe & proven alternatives to opioids? Are you committed to getting to the underlying cause of your inflammation and chronic pain? If so, I can help you. If you want to prevent chronic inflammation and get to the root cause of your condition, do not hesitate to schedule a free consult with me. Visit my website at or find me on Facebook at Diane Baer, Functional Wellness PT (

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