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Erase Chronic Pain

The Inflammatory Pain Cascade


A Big mistake that keeps people in chronic painfrom making a full recovery is the compulsion to treat their symptoms. Western medicine is probably the biggest offender when it comes to this. The entire Western medical system is focused on treatment and elimination of symptoms at all cost. Rarely do doctors take the time to address the underlying causes, instead they just do what they can to make the symptoms go away. Their solution is anti-depressants, anxiety medications, pain medications, cortisone injections and surgery.


As a physical therapist, I evaluate my clients for physical imbalances like: spinal misalignment, poor posture, weak muscles, tight muscles, poor range of motion, poor flexibility, forward head posture, balance…I also specialize in chronic pain and functional wellness. Using the Functional Medicine systematic approach, I seek to discover the systemic imbalances and root causes of inflammation. I ask the question, Why there is pain? Imaging scans do not detect inflammation they show the changes in the spine, vertebrae and bones.

Inflammation can be detected in various ways :

  • Inflammatory markers in the blood.
  • Urine and stool testing
  • Genetic testing shows one’s predisposition to above average inflammation in polymorphism of genes
  • Anthropometrics
  • Other Clinical indicators found on physical examination.

How I can help you?

Listening to Your story, is the first most important piece in solving your pain puzzle. A thorough examination comes next with customized advanced tests to identify imbalances in the fundamental core systems of your body. Based on your exam, advanced testing, antecedents, triggers and mediators, we will design your plan of care. This plan will include personalized path to restore hemodynamic balance, and nutrigenomics for your gene expression. We use lifestyle coaching, nutrigenomics, targeted supplements/diet, and support to help you achieve your individual goals for peak function! As a functional wellness Physical Therapistspecializing in chronic pain, Diane’s intent is to serve you at the highest level. She is committed to help you naturally erase pain, find your best self, move freely, live fully.

An Offer for you :

I have seen the deleterious effects of opiod therapy, the side effects of over the counter pain medications, they are not in your interest but to your detriment. If you have post surgical chronic pain, chronic low back pain, neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, recurring stiffness, achiness, arthritis, or an injury that has not healed you don’t need to take risks with pain medications. I can help you using proven research-based solutions to discover the root causes of your pain. If you want to prevent the long term effects of underlying inflammation sign up for a Free Phone consultation.

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