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About Diane

Diane Baer is a licensed Physical Therapist, with training in Functional Medicine and ACT in Motion for pain relief. Helping you conquer your limitations and reach your target for unrestricted movement. Her passion is to deeply understand and motivate her clients to help them become the best that they can be. She serves clients at the highest level by advocating for their well-being and exhausting every resource available.
She provides hope to clients that the future holds a different promise. She is confident that even our genetic makeup is not our destiny. She supports epigenetics, the ability to modify the gene expression through diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, based on individual biochemical make-up.

Diane’s diverse experience includes:
  • Post-surgical Orthopedic Physical Therapist
  • Private practice physical therapist with orthopedic and women’s health niche
  • Home Health Physical Therapist, Case manager with emphasis in geriatrics, pain, orthopedics, arthritis, joint replacements.
  • Functional Wellness Physical Therapist utilizing Functional Medicine, Nutrition, and movement therapy for inflammation and chronic pain.

Having moved to the USA as an immigrant child she understands the stressors of the past and how they can affect our physical and emotional make-up. Emotional trauma, stress together with present lifestyle, diet, and lack of graded exercise can set us up for inflammation, pain, autoimmune disease, metabolic disease and cancer.
Diane is married to Dr. John Baer, DC.( Together they’ve lived a holistic lifestyle that includes gardening, country living, and a plant-based diet. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking,biking, shrooming and motivating others to reach their peak potential. Their son, a cardiac anesthesiologist, and daughter, a nurse practitioner share their parents passion to work in behalf of their patients

Erase Pain, Move Freely, Live Fully

Living with chronic pain makes life miserable. It zaps your energy, diminishes your concentration, and even changes your personality.
I have seen first-hand the negative effects of symptom-based management of chronic pain and illness. The use of pain medication, antidepressants, and opioids leads down a path of disability and despair. This type of treatment does not provide solutions, only a bandaid to the real problem.
You don’t need to keep suffering with pain and poor health.
I offer hope to those suffering.
My ease pain, move freely, live fully method can help you restore your vitality, movement, and health.
According to a 2018 survey, 33% of US Physicians spent 17-24 minute with their patients. As much as doctors want to help, they are often time-constrained, which could have an impact on patient care outcomes.
How is my approach different?

Patient Centered

  • Have you ever felt your health concerns were brushed aside?
  • Have you felt that no one listens to how you are really feeling?
  • Have you ever felt that your symptoms are all in your head?
  • Have you gone to a specialist just for them to tell you a diagnosis without a solution?

I am passionate about providing thoughtful, compassionate client care that differs from how you ,may have been treated in the past. I want you to feel truly understood after our appointment.
With every patient, I listen to your detailed health story and spend the necessary time to understand you. I study the timeline of your symptoms. I deep dive into your lifestyle, your family history and your mental and emotional state.
After an extensive evaluation, I share my findings and recommend advanced tests that expose specific imbalances in holistic body systems.
With this detailed information, I create a personalized roadmap and coach you during your entire health journey. I tackle your symptoms with a combination of holistic functional medicine and physical therapy modalities to help you achieve your personal peak function and well-being.

Flexible & Convenient

When you are struggling with chronic pain, mobility is challenging. I offer flexible and convenient appointment types to meet your needs.
My brick and mortar location is in Englewood, CO. In this office, I am available for face-to-face examinations, consultations, and physical therapy wellness coaching.
I am also within reach for any clients located in the state of Colorado via convenient, instant telehealth video evaluations, consultations, questions & answers, and tele-texting.
I pride myself in offering remote clients the latest technology-based personalized Functional Wellness and Physical Therapy modalities. If you have a smartphone or computer you can participate in our virtual tele-sessions.

Trusted Expertise

As a physical therapist who has worked with various populations, I have seen the debilitating consequences of acute pain, chronic pain and physical decline. I have been deeply affected by working with clients with spinal degenerative diseases, spinal stenosis, compression fractures, falls, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and autoimmune diseases. I have felt the pain looking into their eyes, seen their dependence on pain medications, and the cascading symptoms of debility.
With many years of experience in women’s health, orthopedics, and working with the senior population, I have witnessed the severe side effects of over-medication without pain resolution.
Research shows that humans can live into their 90’s and 100’s aging optimally and still being physically active. Lifespan however, is decreasing due to poor diet, environmental toxicity, obesity, and inadequate exercise. I am passionate to prevent inflammatory related diseases, degeneration, and autoimmune disorders.
At this point of my practice I am excited to be able to offer solutions, interventions to mitigate inflammation, pain, degeneration and facilitate optimal well-being for my clients that are motivated to take charge of their health.
As a Functional Wellness Physical Therapist specializing in chronic pain, I am deeply fulfilled and honored to be a piece in the puzzle to assist my clients in finding natural pain relief. I work as a team with my clients to detect the root cause of their conditions and guide them towards lifestyle oriented solutions and prevention.

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